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The mission of BAMS is to be a nationally recognized, client-focused payment processing solution. Our focal point is to provide superior customer support and affordable fees to our clients, coupling transparency, and top-tier reporting as the cornerstones of long-term client relationships.

Are you looking to compare payment processing companies? There are many reasons BAMS is the industry leader in payment processing, not the least of which is our innovative pricing model. As our happy clients can attest, we can save your business money without sacrificing the tools and features you want and need.

From our top-notch customer service to value-added features like chargeback defense, payment gateways and access to IRIS CRM, proprietary reporting and analytic tools, and the ability to process payments for an unlimited number of companies and locations in one spot, we pack a lot of power into our product for our merchant account comparison.

That’s just part of how we stand out in the already crowded eCommerce merchant account field. Better yet, it takes mere minutes to switch to BAMS. Plus, our five-step price comparison is designed to maximize your savings while giving you the one-on-one attention you deserve — and that’s something the other payment processing platforms don’t have.

Competitive Price Guarantee
We work hard to ensure that our product selection, product availability, reliable service and delivery, and superior customer service work together to create a great shopping experience. We also want our customers to feel confident that Bank Associates Merchant Services consistently offers great savings. For this reason, we offer our Competitive Price Guarantee.

Maximize Profit Get Next Day Funding BAMS Merchant Solutions

Keep more money in your pocket and ensure your in-store and ecommerce payments run smoothly with the payments industry’s lowest pricing and best support team.

Payment Gateway Ecommerce & Online Payment Solutions

Are you looking for a eCommerce Payment Gateway? BAMS merchant accounts integrate with all major payment gateways, allowing you to enjoy the guaranteed low pricing and unparalleled services that only a BAMS account can offer with zero hassle. We handle all online payment gateway processors and can help with all credit card payment gateway solutions.


Next Day Funding

For a business like yours that works hard to provide the best possible service to your customers BAMs can offer credit card processing next day deposits and to play by all the rules set out by the card companies and your processing partners with next day funding, there is nothing more annoying than watching the money you’ve earned held for two, three, or even four days.



Our support specialists have experience with all of the vendors listed below. Our agents will spend about 10 minutes connecting your online store with the best payment gateway for your needs — and then you are ready to go. Best of all, there’s absolutely no change to your checkout process. One quick update is all it takes for you to start taking advantage of BAMS merchant account benefits!

Chargeback Defense

Chargebacks put your business at risk because each new lost dispute costs you money, damages your reputation, and potentially puts you in the doghouse with the card companies. That’s why BAMS is committed to enabling you to defend yourself against disputes more effectively and with less time, less effort, and fewer resources required.



Let BAMS help you minimize your liability and maximize your customers’ ways to pay with new EMV-ready payment hardware.


Level 3 Processing

BAMS has experts who specialize in the specific needs of the B2B industry. Let us show you how our proprietary payment software helps you save on corporate cards with interchange optimization.

Reporting & Analytics

As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. The more you know about your company’s ongoing operations and financial health, the better you can steer the ship towards maximized revenue, minimized costs, and consistent long-term growth.



Fundomate’s search engine provides Small Business Loans designed to get you the financing that you need under the terms that work best for you. As with all small business owners, managing a business is a fulfilling but complicated task, requiring large amounts of your time, dedication and effort.

Gift & Loyalty

Gift cards and loyalty cards are great for attracting consumers and driving incremental, bottom line revenue. Gift card sales have increased steadily over recent years, and demand remains incredibly strong. Loyalty cards are another successful program designed to increase value to your clients while creating a stickier and more profitable consumer experience.

PCI Compliance

Compliance is a crucial part of payment processing. Every company that processes credit cards must work hard to ensure they are up to date and in line with all compliance requirements, or else they face both legal penalties and serious security risks. With those security risks come the possibility of breaches, financial losses, reputation hits, and more.


American Express OptBlue enables merchants to receive their transaction in as little as 12 hours directly from the processor. This is a unique breakthrough in the payment services industry, which has only recently been made available.


Apple Pay

Since 2014, over 40% of U.S. smartphone users have been iPhone users. Every day, more and more of those iPhone users are adopting Apple Pay, the convenient, cashless, and contactless payment option built into their phone’s operating system.


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