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Create content: Increase your chances of getting found

If you produce relevant content on a consistent basis that aligns with what your audience is searching for, you’ll have more people finding you and sharing your content. 

You’ll also make more connections for your business and reach more people, who may also share your content. This content helps search engines like Google find your business and can result in free traffic to your website. Yes, there are some technical aspects to consider when implementing a search engine optimization or SEO program. But at its core, it’s about delivering relevant and meaningful content to the people you’re trying to reach. 

A blog is functionality that makes it easy to add content, or posts to your website on a regular basis. Whereas your website contains information about the services you offer, a blog gives you the ability to demonstrate your expertise by answering more specific questions for prospects and clients. 

It’s especially useful to have keyword-rich articles that demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. For example, a CPA firm could have a description of how special regulations for farms allow them favorable tax treatments, while an engineer could expand on a new measuring technology for underwater robots



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